The Ancestor Effect

Study Says Thinking About Our Ancestors Can Boost Performance.

An abstract of a social psychology study conducted in 2010 hypothesizes that thinking about one’s genetic origin (i.e. ancestors) provides people with a positive psychological resource that increases their intellectual performance.    This study confirms want many indigenous traditions have known for years. Although this study focus on increasing one’s intellectual performance Elders of indigenous traditions understand that being well in our minds and spirits is related to our ancestors being at peace. But how do we do this in the midst of our techno frenzied lives? Is everyone considered an ancestor? What if I was adopted and do not know who blood lineage? Should you honor all ancestors even those who did not live balanced lives?  What about the great uncle that was an alcoholic?

Honoring our ancestors as a wellness practice goes beyond creating altars of remembrance, we must be clear about why and who we choose to honor as well as begin to unpack our family stories for healing and forgiveness.

 Join Phoenix Smith, Founder of EcoSoul and learn to begin the process of deepening our relationship with our ancestors in a safe and powerful way through writing, prayer, song, and creative earth rituals for peace, and forgiveness for the living as well as the dead.

Fertile Ground: An EcoSoul Journey with the Ancestors

Oct 27 10-12

Oct 28 10-1 On Land in the East Bay

Fee: $99

1840 Alcatraz, Berkeley near Ashby Bart

Contact Phoenix:, 510.325.7417


[1] Fischer, P., Sauer, A., Vogrincic, C., and Weisweiler, S. (2010). The ancestor effect: Thinking about our genetic origin enhances intellectual performance. European Journal of Social Psychology. 41 (1), 11-16

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