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On Sunday November 24th the New York Times published a visual piece call “What Could Disappear”   as a result of rising sea levels caused by Climate Change.  Since Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and in 2012 the worst drought in the United States in 50 years there has been an increase in this type of news meant to inform us of the dire straits that the Earth and we as humans are in.  As a lover of the Earth and all of us on it and as an Ecotherapist I am intrigued by the impact on our mental and emotional selves.  It can be overwhelming to one’s psyche to think that the entire Earth is changing in a dangerous way due to human greed and climate change.  As the maps below show if we continue on our current trajectory and without adequate intervention 19% of San Francisco and 62% of Sacramento would be flooded and 99% of Miami would be flooded. I am unclear as to whether these percentages reflect loss of human and nonhuman lives but if 99% of Miami is flooded this is a pretty scary picture.  As I published in my previous blog post: Finding Light in the Eye of the Storm, Ecoanxiety is not a mental illness but a normal response to the environmental, cultural, economic and social changes that are occurring on the planet today.  To hear more from me on this subject click the link below to hear me discuss my thoughts on the Emotional Impact of Climate Change: Recorded on the H2O Network Radio Show.


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