Orisa Community

Ile Oloosa Okegiga de Marun—

The House Belonging to the Bay of the 5 Mountains


I lead monthly ceremonies for the Orisa and ancestors in the Oakland/SF Bay Area.  Many of our ceremonies take place in the natural domains of the Orisa on lands around the Oakland/SF Bay Area.  As community members of the Bay Area we always pay our respect to the Oni le or owners of the land, the original Native inhabitants of the Bay Area which include Ohlone and Coast Miwok nations.  We are a community of diverse ancestry, genders, and sexual orientations and we welcome peaceful, respectful people who love the Earth and want to contribute to their own healing as well as that of the Earth.

When: 1st Sunday of Every Month 11:00am or earlier if meeting on the land.

Offering: $18 and offerings for the ancestors, and Orisa as appropriate.

If you are interested in learning and in healing please join us in this sacred space. For more information please contact Phoenix /Iyalocha Olaoton Adelele at ecosoulwisdom@gmail.com or 510-325-7417.

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