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In the most recent United States presidential debates  many people reported that both candidates, President Obama and Governor Romney were silent on Climate Change.  I mean so silent that you could hear a pin drop. You know about climate change right? 2012 was the dryest year in the United States in 50 years, food costs are rising as  our addiction to fossil fuels continues to feed climate change.  As an Ecotherapist I’m intrigued by the levels of denial  among our political leaders, and within ourselves as to what is happening to our planet which includes us.  As the oceans are becoming more acidic what are some of the meanings of this for our own mind, body and spirit?

I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the destruction that is both an environmental issue as well as a social justice issue.   Both issues have at their roots the destruction of life on the planet, human and non-human.  Both address exploitation and at least in theory want to free the earth and people from abuse.  And then I found the above graph from a wonderful blog  And it reminds me that there is a deliberate attempt to keep us in denial and that a healthy dose of paranoia especially when faced with the above facts can keep a person sane in a crazy, crazy world.

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