Ecotherapy Services

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Personal Sessions:

Ecotherapy does not require a professional clinical license and I do not have a clinical license. The healing and mentoring work I provide is NOT psychotherapy, it is energetically different. I am happy to refer folks to quality therapists if that is something that you require. My work is based in ritual healing and ecotherapy counseling which is more focused on repairing relationships with ancestors, connecting with the spirits of place in  loving and safe way, visioning and guidance on life purpose work, and Earth work as a deep healing and spiritual practice. These sessions can take place over Skype or in person and always includes time spent in nature, training in mindfulness meditation, ritual and ceremony and self-empowerment for emotional and spiritual wellness. My goal is to give you support and skills so you can take good care of yourself.


Professsional Consultations:

I have had a successful ecotherapy practice for the past five years and am available to provide professional consultation for your nature based practice including suggestions on how to integrate your passion and-or current work into a thriving ecotherapy practice. I have been published in the Journal of Ecopsychology and currently serve as a manuscript reviewer for this journal. In addition, I’m up to date on the latest nature and health initiatives including working in public health for 20 years.



Intro to Ecotherapy Trainings:

I created an Intro to Ecotherapy curriculum that is suited for non-profit service and environmental organizations. This training is usually 3-4 hours and can be adapted to a 1-2 day training with the training taking place indoors and outdoors. I give basic information on the foundations of Ecotherapy and include practice sessions and guidance on integrating ecotherapy into your professional work.


Ecotherapy for Ogranizations: Retreats and Wellness Programs

I am able to create ecotherapy retreats for organizations as well as provide guidance on creating ecotherapy wellness programs for companies that want to include nature based practices as a stress reduction practice for its employees.




Ecotherapy Program Development and Grant writing:

I have written grants and received private funding for ecotherapy programming in the 5 years of my practice as an ecotherapist. In addition, as a public health professional with over 20 years experience managing, and writing multi-million dollar health grants I am available for ecotherapy program development for your urban garden and/or other health organization.



Nature-based Healing Curriculum Development:

I am able to consult with your organization to integrate nature-based healing into a variety of curriculum. As a professional with 22 years experience in public health I have developed curriculum in health education and learning for multi-disciplinary audiences.




Ministerial Services :

Weddings. I’m a legally ordained minister and I’m able to officiate wedding ceremonies. I would be happy to help to craft a ceremony in alignment with your values and style. I have co- officiated inter-faith ceremonies and for a diverse group of couples from same-sex ceremonies, to young couples just starting off and multi-cultural ceremonies.

Ceremonies for New Arrivals. I’m able to help craft as well as design welcome to the Earth ceremonies for new arrivals rooted in ancestral blessings, earth grounding and community honoring