Transgenerational Healing: Working with Ancestors —September 21st 2013 Mt. Tam

Transgenerational Healing: Working with Ancestors

Sponsored by Back to Earth on Mt. Tam September 21st

Back to Earth a local Bay Area outdoors company is sponsoring my ceremonial teaching on ancestors and spirit of place. Join me and guest Elder Ohlone Film-maker Catherine Herrerra on Mt. Tam Saturday September 21st 10:00am- 2:00pm.  Please register at the above link or be in touch for questions.

Thank YOU!

Transgenerational Healing is a form of Ancestral Healing based in shamanic practices of traditional African spiritual systems specifically the philosophy and foundation of the West African Yoruba-based Lucumi and Ifa traditions. The approach I use in my work is also congruent with the research and practices of healing collective trauma that includes the scholarly work of Dr. Joy DeGruy author of Post-traumatic Slave Syndrome, and Dr. Marie Yellow Horse Braveheart a pioneer in documenting, researching and developing practices to heal historical trauma in Native American Communities.

EcoSoul Transgenerational Healing is based on the belief by many cultures that the ancestors continue to play an important role in our lives even after their death.  Recovery and wellness from behaviors, ways of thinking held in our body, mind and spirit must also include healing, repairing and acknowledging both the gifts and struggles of our ancestors for ALL people to free ourselves from both a victim and oppressor mindset. When we can know our place in our lineage, have effective and safe tools to engage our ancestors we can be effective channels for healing and transformation for both the living and the dead.

What is Collective Trauma?

Collective trauma is trauma that happens to communities of individuals and can be transmitted transgenerationally or from one generation to the next and across communities.  Collective trauma can be ancestral, cultural, ecological and historical. For example, there is plenty of research based evidence of the effects of the Holocaust on not only the survivors but their children and grandchildren. Ongoing wars, genocide, slavery, ecocide (or terroists acts committed against the Earth and the ecosystems we depend on for life)  and natural disasters can cause collective trauma.  Some of the symptoms of collective trauma include rage, depression, denial, survivor guilt and internalized oppression, as well as physiological changes in the brain and body which can bring on chronic disease.

Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart has identified four stages of healing historical trauma in Native communities, which could also be applied to healing any collective trauma:  confronting it, understanding it, releasing the pain of it, and transcending it.

What is EcoSoul Ancestral Healing?

EcoSoul Ancestral Healing is a practice of working with ancestors that includes psychological and shamanic techniques, nature-based Ecotherapy practices, energy medicine and ritual, to awaken, restore, and heal our connections to our ancestors and the Earth.