“Great introduction to Ecotherapy, Phoenix was able to highlight some simple tools and changes that can be added into therapeutic practices. The combination of including power point slides with tactile nature connection and mindfulness exercises was what I liked most about this training.”

MClark:Larkin Street Youth Center @ October 2013 training


  “In our training efforts this year, Edgewood offered staff opportunites to learn about and address the impacts of poverty and related health disparities. Toward these efforts, we invited Phoenix Smith from EcoSoul to facilitate a workshop about Ecotherapy with the emphasis on working with communities of color. Most of our staff had never heard of Ecotherapy. Reported as being a very clear and through training, the participants enjoyed Phoenix’s kind and encouraging style, and her emphasis on including diverse cultural practices and her knowledge of the field. I appreciated and enjoyed her professionalism, insight and passion for her work. I recommend her highly as a trainer and facilitator”

Ellen Morrision: Director of Training Edgewood  Center for Children and Families


“Before I began working with Phoenix, I felt disconnected from my ancestors. I struggled to find practices that deepened my relationship with them to help me transform my grief. Phoenix’s spiritual guidance, intuitive ability and reverence for the Earth and nature have given me access to my ancestors as well as to my own divine wisdom and power. She has a gift for being radically honest and helping me to integrate my spiritual development into all aspects of life. Her sense of humor makes it easy to work with her and to look at parts of myself that are hard to face.”

E. Woodland, Licensed Clinical Social Worker




  “Working with Phoenix has been a very healing and profound experience for me. Through our ritual work together, my connection with my ancestors, spirit, & self have deepened. She is respectful, empathic, and committed to her own personal spiritual development, and I find that she does spirit work in a way that honors my own cultural heritage, intuition, and individual will. Along with her strong spiritual connection as a priest she is someone who has deep integrity, psychological understanding, and dedication towards social justice. She is someone who’s truly “walking the talk,” and I have learned from her that there is no separation between one’s spiritual practice and how one lives their everyday life. I trust Phoenix to the utmost and am blessed to have her as a teacher and friend.”

- Liz Wei Tong, MFT Licensed Psychotherapist

  “Phoenix Smith has many strengths, but one that stands out for me is integrity. This integrity is steeped in her devotion to spirit, and expresses itself as warrior energy on the side of the earth and humanity, and also as a thoughtful and present spiritual guide. I am thankful for her profound connection to the world of ancestors, and through her I am now closer to my own ancestors in a way that feels very healing, grounding and comforting. Phoenix is a priest of Aganyu, the Oricha who embodies the Spirit of the Wilderness , and I have also been blessed to experience the asé of this Orisha through her healing ceremonies which resulted in blessing my visual arts practice in a way that literally overflowed imagery out of me and into galleries in less than a year. I recommend Phoenix as a person to work with in this time when spiritual guidance is absolutely crucial, and she is a lovely person to be around too.”

- Richard Wright aka DJ Fflood –Artist and Social Justice Activist

  “I came to Phoenix to resolve a major health issue that was tied in to a higher calling; a journey to strengthen the relationship with my own ancestors and spirit. Through her strong connection with spirit, I have been able to heal in ways that I simply never imagined were possible. As a conduit for Orisha, she has been able to speak directly to issues within myself that traditional practitioners have not been able to touch or understand. And she does it with light, wisdom and humor. I give thanks to spirit for connecting me with her and her community.”

- Erin Lee—Filmaker and staff of Sacred Lands Project