Liberation Ecotherapy Consultation Seminars


Liberation Ecotherapy Consultation Seminars

Liberation Ecotherapy is an approach to ecotherapy that aims to actively include a social and ecological justice framework to the practice for communities of color, low income communities and other marginalized groups.  Liberation Ecotherapy recognizes that in the United States all communities do not have equal access to nature, and that communities of color engage with nature in diverse ways.  Liberation Ecotherapy aims to make ecotherapy and ecopsychology relevant to oppressed communities and communities of color in the United States by increasing access to Ecotherapy as an evidenced based and valid form of healing, supporting professionals working in counseling and environmental justice to integrate ecotherpay into their work and by connecting the destruction of the earth to the further oppression of marginalized communities.


Liberation Ecotherapy Consultation Seminars

What does nature based healing look like when we experience ourselves as part of the natural world?

What do Liberation Ecotherapy practices look like for low income communities, people of color and other marginalized communities?

Join this seminar to explore and learn:

  • How to engage the body, mind and spirit in experiential environmental and social education, social work, counseling, substance abuse and harm reduction work?
  • How to use natural objects and plants as therapeutic resources to evoke healing
  • How to connect issues of social justice, equity and access to nature to reduce isolation and fear
  • Learn ways to highlight the ecological narratives of communities of color as a strength based approach to deepening one’s connection to nature
  • Apply readings in nature and social justice based psychologies for assessment and planning nature based interventions
  • Legal/ethical considerations of outdoor ecotherapy
  • Work with personal and collective grief around ongoing damage to the natural world as well as issues of gentrification, displacement or “root shock”, collective trauma and violence

 This consultation group is designed for clinical and non-clinical mental health, substance abuse, social work, ecojustice professionals and other practitioners who are called to tap into Nature’s highly restorative and healing powers and help clients deepen their connection with the natural world.  

 Seminars are designed to take place both inside and outside.

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