Fertile Ground:An Ecotherapy Mentorship Program

EcoSoul Ecotherapy

Nature is the principal book out of which all wisdom is learned. It is the place where initiation happens. It is the place from where medicine comes. It nourishes the entire community.”

Malidoma Somé – 

Launching June 2013-December 2014

EcoSoul: Fertile Ground

An Ecotherapy Mentorship Program

Bay Area June 2013- December 2014

The definition of reparation is the making of amends for wrong or injury done, for an injustice, to repair.  As we awaken to the reality of the shifts happening on the planet today it is clear that we need to begin making repairs with the earth, ourselves, our ancestors and each other so that we can learn to live a different more sustainable way.  In order to begin the journey we must have a clear vision for our lives, releasing those things and situations that no longer serve us, as  finding our way to peace and wholeness  has become more important than ever.  These are clearly unique times that we live in…the rate of change in the world can be daunting and maybe we don’t know where to turn, or how to move forward in our lives with clarity, strength, empowerment and compassion for ourselves, the earth, and our communities.  

 Fertile Ground:An Ecotherapy Mentorship Program is a mentorship program designed to provide tools, skills and resources to support  in clarifying your life purpose through  learning to connect with your ancestors and the natural world for healing, empowerment and strength. This six month program is designed for individuals seeking guidance to grow spiritually, to clarify your life’s work, to learn and be more connected to the natural world and, to learn how to honor , repair and transform your relationship to your ancestral lineage as well as that of the earth.  The mentorship consists of the following components:

  • Divination
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Deepen your sense of place 
  • Regular Ceremony on land in the Bay Area to Honor the Waters of the Bay
  • Revelation: Dream Medicine—Working with Dreams for Vision, and Empowerment
  • Bi-monthly mentoring calls


                                                                                                                                                        SF/Oakland Bay Area

Prerequisites for Fertile Ground: Mentorship Program


  • Interview and divination
  • A willingness to do the work for personal growth
  • A cooperative spirit
  • A willingness to start a regular meditation practice
  • A willingness to show up for bi-monthly community ceremony


 Spaces are limited for this mentorship program. As in nature, growth takes time so I recommend that you sign up for the entire six month program. This program is suitable for individuals seeking guidance, to deepen or awaken their connection to nature specficially the lands and waters of the Bay Area, individuals with an inclination towards spiritual dreaming, those seeking to clarify their life’s work or just the next steps they need to take in their life for healing, strength, and empowerment. People living with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses, people of color, immigrants, and LGBT communities are encouraged to join this program.

For a flyer and a FREE 20 minute consultation contact Phoenix at ecosoulwisdom@gmail.com or 510.325.7417